Saturday, April 11, 2009


Nowadays, I have observed that many people are really in to Korean Movies/Telenovelas [of course i'm one of them] . I have watched many korean movies, grabeh I almost cry. [nipipigilan ko lan sarili ko na umiyak kc pagtatawanan nila ko hehe] The best reason why I love to watch korean movies is because of the twists and turns of the stories. right? And isa pa, xempre nakakakilig ung mga love stories nila. So much for this, i just want to share the movies that I have watched and really touched my heart.


*at the very last scene of this movie, lumabas ung leading actor ng "my sassy girl" but actually wala naman siyang role dun. This is the reason why many people inferred that "windstruck" was the part one of "my sassy girl" . Although hindi ganun ka-connected ung story nung 2 movies eh medyo may similarities pa rin.

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My Sassy Girl

*at the last part of the story eh sila pa rin ang nagkatuluyan. After how many years that they were apart. And with that, they realized that they really meant and fated to love each other ^^

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* I almost cry nung bandang end na ng story when all of them were trying their best to make Eun Gyo's memory come back. Mejo nawala xa sa matinong pag-iisip because the girl chose to be with her childhood friend. (in fairness ang gwapo ni eun gyo huhuhu^^)

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My Girl and I

*This movie has a tragic and dramatic ending because the girl died due to a serious illness. haizzz.

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The 1st shop of Coffee Prince

*waw. I know that no one will disagree if I say that this telenovela really rocks. right? Super kinahuhumalingan at piang-uusapan ng lahat, sa school, tambayan or anywhere
xupeer. dupeer. As a matter of fact, I borrowed a dvd of this from my classmate and I watched the whole series. I started watching it from 8pm, tuloy-tuloy hanggang madaling araw i didn't sleep talaga cuz the story was so amazing and exciting. Hanggang sa nag-umaga na, I ate and took some rest for a few minutes and I continued to watch it until I finished it ng mga 2pm. [di nman ako masyadong adik nuh?]

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  1. my sassy girl is great! windstruck made me cry like a kid. haha