Monday, April 13, 2009

The Beauty of Teaching

This inspiring thought came from one of my beloved professors that made me realize the purpose of my existence in this world. He made me believe in my own abilities as a future educator. He taught me to have strong determination in making life meaningful through LOVE, HOPE, and FAITH. He also made me realize how affectionate and influential I am as a teacher to be.

He read this letter in front of our class I noticed his eyes get teary. (whew) pinipigilan nyang umiyak, pero, naiyak na tlga sya.

At that moment, mas tumaas nga ung determination ko to continue what I have started. Mas na-realize ko how wonderful pala to be a teacher. Eventhough mahirap, Mr. CYA told us, "of course mahirap talaga, eh magiging ano ba kayo balang araw?"
Napaisip ako, I'm a future educator pala and kalakip nun ay ung puyat, pagod, gutom, at sakit sa ulo.

TEACHING is not merely just to fill students' mind with informations but also to mold their values as we act as their second parent. Teaching is so much more than a "job" -for me, this noble profession is more complex than any other professions in this world because in teaching, you must me a mentor, a friend, an actress, a mother and an expert, right? We teach because we must and we teach because we are the weavers of society.

So, 'till death do we part from teaching!
BSE ,why quit?

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